Remington Great Americans Shoot 2015

Hi Camo Quire!

I am participating in The Remington Great Americans Shoot (RGAS) on September 26, to raise money for the Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) — an organization that supports our Special Forces warriors and their families.  Not only will I be shooting at 50 sporting clays, but I will also be skydiving into the opening ceremonies for my very 1st time! 

I have a goal to raise support in the amount of $10,000, and I need your help!  Here’s how you can help:

I'm asking you either pledge a small amount for every bird I break (out of 50) or if you feel more comfortable, make a fixed pledge.  Any amount is valid above $10.  If you would like to donate as a company, please do!  

I really appreciate anything you can give to support our military.  If you don't know, our US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) are a special breed: highly trained, fiercely proud and quietly effective. They are the unsung heroes of the past and the warriors in today’s war on terror. Masters in conducting training and operations with indigenous forces, they conduct the majority of special operations counterinsurgency missions.  They serve our country with no fear, and that is a huge reason I am also taking the skydiving plunge in honor of them.  

I am completely honored to be asked & I could not be more proud to shoot in support of them at the Remington Great Americans Shoot.  Please know any amount of money you donate is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE and does not go to me in any form.  It will go directly to the SFCT. 

Please click the link below to view my page and donate!  Thank you for your consideration.

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