"Like A Girl"

Aug 25 | Posted by: Cheryl LuQuire

Hey y'all,

Today marks a very special day.  Today I'm releasing the song and video for "Like A Girl".  "Like a Girl" has a message I have believed in for quite some time and finally have been able to capture in a song.

For me, being a girl means we've been given the freedom to be both tender & capable of anything we put our minds to.  I feel that "Like A Girl" captures that power as the video captures the childhood of me and my 2 sisters, whom are the main characters in the 8mm film footage.

My hope is that you will believe in this song as much as I do, that you will share it with your friends and family, and that "Like A Girl" will relate to girls, young and old, all across America.  

All my love & hopes,


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