South-Life's LIZZYJ's Jewelry

Mar 16 | Posted by: Cheryl LuQuire

Have y'all heard of making jewelry from recycled shotgun shells and bullets?  Well that's exactly what LizzyJ's is doing!  ...and this stuff is cute!  I'm so excited to add their pieces to my wardrobe!  I'm all about leather cuffs and suede bracelet wraps...and ammo.  And now because of LizzyJ's, I can wear them and sport my Remington bullets in style.  

LizzyJ's is a husband and wife run retailer in the great state of Georgia.  So take pride that these pretty pieces are made with love and made in America.  Maybe you aren't big on leather cuffs and suede wraps in bright colors, fur, or earth tones, then you've got to check out their earrings and necklaces!  Maybe you should go on over to their website to get something for you and a friend...right now!  Your girlfriend's birthday is coming up right?  What about Mother's Day?  I bet your Mom likes turquoise and LizzyJ's has a perfect turquoise and brown leather wrap!

Big thank you to my friends at Remington for introducing me to LizzyJ's!  now it's your turn to check em out...



or check them out on FACEBOOK

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